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Asian Caucus

Welcome to the Asian caucus home page.

The Asian caucus meets in Auckland and by Zoom three or four times a year to share research findings, health initiatives focused on Asian public health in Aotearoa, and updates from the PHANZ director, president and council. For more information or to find out how to get involved please contact

Below is our current committee: 

 Chair  Lifeng Zhou
 Secretary  Maggie Ma

Recent works by the Asian caucus

Statement on the health system reform for Asian and ethnic communities 

The speakers, panellists and facilitator of the special session on Asian Health at the 2nd Health Forum on International Collaboration with Asian Countries agreed to make a statement on the health system reform of New Zealand, for Asian and other ethnic minority groups. 

Read the statement here

Suggested citation: Young P, Peiris-John R, Zhou L, Ryu G, Gao G, Rishi V, Yeo I, Adhikari R, Ma T, Singh G. Statement on the health system reform for Asian and ethnic communities. Wellington: Public Health Association New Zealand, 2022 

Recommendations on the health system reform from the Asian Caucus of the PHA

Executive summary

Asian and other ethnic populations account for a significant proportion of Aotearoa’s population (more than 18% as at Census 2018) and these populations are also increasing at a fast pace. Although some Asian and ethnic groups have higher life expectancy at birth, lower rate of infant mortality and lower mortality rates for some conditions, we must acknowledge these groups are extremely diverse in culture, language, health status, settlement history, and unmet health needs. We will have to develop systematic rather than ‘piecemeal’ national health strategy and implementation plans at regional/district level for Asian and ethnic communities to maintain the outstanding results and to address those areas where issues exist already or are emerging particularly for some Asian and ethnic sub-groups, former refugees and asylum seekers. It is highly recommended to apply an (vertical) equity lens to Asian and ethnic populations, to understand the unique health needs of these subpopulations and proportionate investment of resources via Asian and ethnic health research, to set up dedicated regional/district level Asian and ethnic health divisions with commission powers and empower community organisations for better health outcomes, patient experiences and wellbeing.

Read the recommendations from the Asian caucus of the PHA here

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