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Special Interest group on Institutional RACISM

Formed in 2013, STIR: Stop Institutional Racism is a nationwide network of public health professionals and activist scholars committed to ended institutional racism within the administration of the public health sector.

STIR strives to remove barriers to indigenous well-being in Aotearoa New Zealand by mobilising allies, engaging in decolonisation, influencing policy, monitoring government performance, re-energising conversations around working with te Tiriti o Waitangi, strengthening the evidence base about sites of racism and anti-racism praxis and generally stirring.

In previous years, we have hosted a symposium, writing and critiqued policy, conducted research studies, written papers and a book, hosted master classes, presented at the United Nations, built a boutique social movement and done media outreach. 

We have over 250 Associates through our social media outreach.

View our annual reports on the STIR website

Te Tiriti o Waitangi-based practice in health promotion.

A comprehensive resource written by a team led by Heather Came (PhD). The resource builds on the legacy of Dr Irihapeti Ramsden and cultural safety in nursing.

Download Te Tiriti o Waitangi-based practice in health promotion

If you wish to find out more, you may contact Dr Heather Came

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