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What does the Public Health Association do?

Public health focuses on finding evidence-based ways to prevent disease, prolong life and promote the health of everyone in New Zealand. Therefore the PHA looks for organised ways to:

  • encourage equal access to health care and resources for every New Zealander
  • improve conditions, and influence laws and policies that affect everybody’s health
  • provide a collective voice on public health issues
  • support organisations to work together
  • provide national, regional and local events to share information and ideas
  • support Māori and Pasifika people in public health.

Information about the PHANZ for students of public health (Credit Dr Linda Murray, Massey University)

PHANZ Activities

The PHANZ is always busy influencing public policy through the submission process; developing and reviewing its own policy statements; or working on individual issues via special interest groups.

We also hold several workshops and webinars throughout the year on various topics such as 'Submission Writing 101' and 'Kai Tahi: Building Capacity in Māori Health.'

The PHANZ produces a monthly Pānui & PolicySpot to keep our members and associates up to date on various public health issues, submission opportunities, new research, up-coming public health conferences and more.

Every year, the PHANZ acknowledges and honours those that have made a significant contribution to public health through our PHANZ Awards.

The Public Health of Associaion of NZ – a strong and informed collective voice for a healthy and well New Zealand.

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